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  • 09/19/2018 3:43 PM | WSO Administrator (Administrator)

    Please make plans to join us for the WSO Business Meeting being held during the Fall Conference at the Blue Harbor Resort on September 28, 2018.  The meeting packet is available here


  • 06/12/2018 2:32 PM | Allison Tilque (Administrator)

    To-date this fiscal year, national CAP ads have appeared online in Wisconsin specifically over 9 million times, and reached over 2 million unique Wisconsin residents (about 1/3 of WI’s population).


    Additionally, the CAP Matching Grant Program Wisconsin has engaged for this fiscal year has reached an additional 450,000 residents and appeared an additional 2.5 million times across social media.


    Overall as a result of this fiscal year’s efforts, we’ve seen a 1,666% lift year-over-year in consumers/patients from Wisconsin visiting the AAO consumer website to learn more and find AAO orthodontists near them via the locator.


    Wisconsin CAP chart.png
    AAO Social Media Presentation


    The Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) is designed to make the public more aware that the orthodontic specialist is the most educationally qualified person to make the best decisions when providing comprehensive orthodontic care. Many consumers do not know the difference between an orthodontist and a general dentist when it comes to aligning teeth. Just last month the AAO released a "Consumer Alert" regarding certain direct-to-consumer orthodontic companies which were marginalizing the importance of seeing an orthodontist during treatment.

    Recently, the AAO House of Delegates approved continuing the Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) at the national level for the next four years. Here in Wisconsin, the WSO applied for a matching grant of $12,500. We have $5000.00 remaining to spend on the CAP program and will receive an additional $2500.00 from the initial grant if the WSO matches this. That would give us $10,000 total to spend by May 31, 2019.   

    At our last WSO business meeting, I reported that the AAO had gone in a new direction in marketing. Instead of using the more traditional media (radio, television, etc...), the AAO decided to focus mainly on a digital approach. Research shows that 85% of consumers use online research before making any decision. 

    The CAP's new all-digital approach for 2017-18 garnered a 6,100 percent increase in monthly visits to the consumer website, A recent Google study (March 2018) showed that consumers who had seen a CAP ad were 615 percent more likely to search for an AAO orthodontist than those who had not. More information regarding the numbers are on the AAO and the WSO websites. The WSO website also includes numbers pertinent to the state of Wisconsin. 

    Since social media is becoming a larger and larger means of communication in this digital age, the board strongly suggests making sure your website is up to date and the information that the AAO has about your practice is correct. Social media provides your office with a unique opportunity to market your practice by developing relationships with current and prospective patients.

    The AAO website is loaded with free consumer awareness educational materials that every office should use. Also located on their website is a guide - "Making Social Media For You" - to help promote your practice. Please use the AAO-created social media posts for consumers on your practice social media outlets. "Like" the AAO's consumer Facebook page and/or follow the AAO's consumer Twitter feed to easily share Facebook content or to re-tweet a post. Read "Legal Issues and Social Media", written for orthodontic offices. Also listen to Episode 9 of the Business of Orthodontics podcast for pertinent advice. Our local marketing campaign will only be successful if every office participates. 

    Since the CAP will be continuing at the national level for at least the next four years, the WSO board would like to gather feedback from the membership regarding the CAP. 

    Your participation is vital as this information will be taken into consideration when making future decisions about the CAP budget.

    Please fill out the CAP survey. 

  • 04/24/2018 12:46 PM | WSO Administrator (Administrator)

    Dr. Scott Arbit, MSO Director, provided the following updates during the business meeting held on April 20, 2018:

    AAO Foundation
    ABO Report
    Smiles Changes Lives

  • 04/17/2018 11:12 AM | WSO Administrator (Administrator)

    Please make plans to join us for the WSO Business Meeting being held during the Spring Conference at The Edgewater on April 20th, 2018.  The meeting packet is available here

  • 04/08/2018 12:39 PM | WSO Administrator (Administrator)

    The AAO recently released the attached consumer alert and strategic plan.  Visit the American Association of Orthodontists for more information. 

  • 09/08/2017 11:31 AM | WSO Administrator (Administrator)

    The WSO Business Meeting will be held on October 13, 2017 at 12:00 PM at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay, WI.  The meeting packet is available here (members must login to view).  Please note one of the agenda items that will be discussed will be changes to the WSO bylaws.  The proposed changes reflect the recommendations made by AAO to component societies.  You can see the recommended changes in the meeting packet.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the WSO Administrative Office by emailing

  • 09/07/2017 10:26 AM | WSO Administrator (Administrator)

    Make plans to join us for MIX'n in Wisco - Hands-on Mixed Dentition Orthodontics being held Friday, October 13th at the KI Convention Center in Green Bay.  Our featured presenter, Dr. Gerald S. Samson, will provide this year's clinical presentation spiced with a blend of wit, edgy humor, and substantially sauced with evidence based literature.  Don't miss this unique educational, clinical experience that is both informative and motivating! 

  • 03/22/2017 11:41 AM | WSO Administrator (Administrator)

    Please make plans for join us for the WSO Business Meeting being held on Friday, April 7th during the Spring Conference.  Members, click here to view the meeting packet online.  You will be prompted to sign in the view this packet.

  • 12/21/2016 3:51 PM | Amy Schmidt (Administrator)

    I am delighted to let you know that the Wisconsin Society of Orthodontists (WSO) Consumer Awareness Program (CAP) is officially underway! Our matching grant application was recently approved by the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and we received an equal match of $12,500. We now have a $25,000 CAP budget to be used between November 1, 2016 and April 30, 2017.

    The goal of the program is to educate the public on the difference between a General Dentist and an Orthodontist when it comes to providing orthodontic treatment. The WSO will be utilizing Social Media (Facebook) advertising and other Search Engine Marketing (SEM) techniques to get their message out to the public. Materials used will be created and provided by the AAO’s marketing firm, Athorn Clark and Partners. In addition, $2500 of the total funds will be used to update the current WSO website and to make the site responsive. Although there are other marketing options, the WSO board thought these were the most cost effective strategies to begin with. We will continue to monitor the effectiveness of this program and will report back to the WSO members on a regular basis to keep you informed.

    We can all agree that the orthodontic landscape is changing at an alarming rate. Orthodontic consumers do not know the difference between an Orthodontist and a General Dentist when it comes to aligning teeth. Consumers assume “anyone” can do our job. It is time we band together as a specialty and educate the public on the massive difference between a General Dentist and an Orthodontist. There is no one who can provide orthodontics better than an Orthodontist!

    I think we can learn a lot from our medical colleagues on what not to do when it comes to marketing and competition. How many TV advertisements do you see from our friends in Ophthalmology? These offices spend thousands of dollars competing against each other. Maybe their money would be better spent educating the public on the benefit of eye care instead of trying to drive patients to their offices by offering massive discounts. Furthermore, our friends in automobile sales may have figured out that marketing together is more efficient and effective than marketing alone. While watching the next Packer game, look to see how many Ford or GM commercials are sponsored by multiple dealerships throughout the area. A unified voice prevails.

    Our local marketing campaign will only be successful if every office makes a pledge to participate. You cannot expect that the WSO CAP program will drive patients to your office unless you put the time into using and reposting the advertisements we have created. The AAO website is loaded with free consumer awareness educational materials that every office should use. In addition, Google advertising will have great reach but an easy way to educate your local community and future patient base is to have a healthy and vibrant Facebook page. If you have not created your Facebook page, please delegate this to a staff member. It will literally take them 15 minutes to set up for you. Whether we like it or not, social media is here to stay and it is a very effective way of reaching the demographic we serve.

    I am confident the CAP will be successful. My hope is each of you will see the benefit of this program and we can continue to grow it in the future. Who knows, maybe next year we will be discussing a larger budget with radio and/or television advertising. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Let’s take back our specialty!


    Michael J Maslowski DDS, MS
    President of the WSO

  • 10/28/2016 9:55 AM | Rebecca Branta (Administrator)
    KTI Country Connection is hosted by Libby Collins, and airs every Sunday at 5am on 94.5 KTI Country in Milwaukee.

    During the second segment, Libby talks with Dr. Michael J. Maslowski, D.D.S.,M.S., President of the Wisconsin Society of Orthodontists about everything you need to know about braces.

    Listen to the Interview here
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